Discover Five Tech-Savvy Brand Marketing Ideas

Today’s business world is all about fierce competition between companies. Hence, it’s increasingly challenging for people to create a stable position as a brand for their businesses. However, without brand marketing, your business will eventually stop functioning, as people won’t recognize it. After all, a brand creates an identity and represents it to the world. 

Despite the fierce competition in brand marketing, fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to define your business as a brand, all thanks to new technology. The influential impact of technology on the business world is undeniable; it provides us with creative ways to build a strong brand image while also attracting new customers. So, if you’ve been looking to boost your company’s success with brand building, here are five tech-savvy brand marketing ideas to follow.

Video Marketing

Content marketing is an essential part of any brand marketing campaign, as you need something to engage your customers. It helps to represent your brand and shares its brand values while also being an entertainment source for customers. However, in recent years, out of all content marketing techniques, video marketing has taken the lead. Almost all online platforms support videos, and most successful brands are utilizing videos. You gain access to a broader audience by using video marketing partner, as many people prefer listening and watching over reading. You can incorporate videos on your website or post them on video platforms to deliver messages, tell stories, and connect with your audience more effectively. As a result, people will spend more time on your websites going through your video content, which will help them remember your business as a brand.

However, there’s one aspect of video marketing that many people tend to ignore and forget. So, to take full advantage of videos, you need to ensure that they get correctly transcribed. Converting video audio to text will enable videos to be optimized for search engines, leading to increased traffic. Furthermore, it will also increase the videos’ reach to an even broader audience, as many people with hearing disabilities prefer to watch with subtitles. More importantly, you can use transcriptions to repurpose your content and refer to it in a different context. However, transcriptions can indeed take hours of work to serve the purpose. Hence, using comprehensive tools like Designrr transcription software will make your job incredibly easy. Such platforms offer various options to recreate your themes and achieve uniqueness in every project.

Social Media Marketing

Currently, the popularity of social media is so immense that more than half of the world’s population uses it. One of the best ways to boost your brand marketing campaign is by utilizing social media platforms. Not only do you get a vast reach to billions of people, but you also get to connect with them at a more personal level. This type of interaction with your customers is essential for an effective brand-building campaign. People will think of your brand as more credible.

However, there are a few things to consider before using social media for brand building. It’s essential to develop marketing personas based on your customers’ data to determine who your audience is. With a marketing persona in hand, you can select the most suitable social media for your audience, as social media platforms always contain different audiences. Once you’ve established a social media presence, start conveying your brand’s message to customers with content. You should align the content you post with your brand’s tone and voice; for example, many brands are informative, while others are funny.

Implement SEO

Undoubtedly, without brand recognition, it’s impossible even to start marketing your brand. 93% of people always surf on the web using search engines, proving SEO as an essential strategy for brand recognition. As a result of SEO, your brand will become more searchable to find by people. Furthermore, SEO will also increase your brand’s credibility, as search engines only rank websites on higher SERPs that are authentic.

However, to take advantage of SEO, you’ll need effective SEO strategies. Perhaps the most popular approach is using keywords in your content. Choose the most popular but relevant keywords in your content to attract the highest amount of traffic. Furthermore, you’ll also need a high-quality backlink profile to improve your credibility for search engines. You can get quality backlinks by making other high-quality websites link to your website in their content. Lastly, it’s also vital to increase your website’s user experience, for example, by removing errors and improving the ease of navigation.

Website Graphic Designing

The digital appearance of your brand, for example, on websites, can help to represent your company’s identity, thus helping in brand marketing. When users view your website, its appearance can significantly impact what they think of your brand. Your website’s usability and content also help in brand marketing; however, the design is an element that often affects subconsciously. 

Hence, it’s essential to design your website with attractive graphics representing your brand the best way. As a result, your website will also look more professional while gaining viewers’ attention for a longer time. You can use color schemes using color theory and incorporate interactive graphics on your website for better brand marketing. However, your website’s look isn’t the only important thing, as advertisement appearance also matters and is essential for brand marketing. People will only click on your advertisements if they look appealing and aren’t taking up too much space.

Get Excellent Online Reviews

Most people make sure to read reviews about companies before they become customers. Especially in the digital realm of marketing, online reviews are easily accessible. People perceive them as an authentic way to see how good a brand is. So, if you’re delivering a good customer experience, you should encourage people to write online reviews. As a result, you will attract more people, and your brand’s credibility will increase rapidly. You can ask users to write reviews by creating automated processes, such as pop-ups, or even ask them yourself. To encourage users further, you can develop explanations for the simplicity in writing reviews and their importance. Moreover, replying to existing reviews will also help other people to write reviews.


A business alone can’t possibly be successful without an identity. After all, people only remember firms due to their values, provisions, and identity. So, in this modern age, it’s essential to use tech-savvy brand marketing ideas, such as those mentioned above, to draw desirable engagement. As a result, your business’s overall success will rise, while people remember your brand for ages to come.


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